Better World Workshop 

Mission Statement
It is the mission of Better World Workshop to conceive of, develop and disseminate ideas for sustainable products and services which can be produced and offered on a local level by individuals and small businesses, with the purpose of furthering the sustainability and self sufficiency of communities. 

To help discover the talent, skill and desire within each individual that can be utilized to participate in, or to create, sustainable local enterprises and meaningful employment. 

Better World Workshop (BWW) was founded by, and is supported by, LocalMart ( www.localmart.net ), a project dedicated to enabling and furthering local sustainable commerce.  LocalMart is a network of local affiliates which are membership organizations, each with their own social networking site, an online store which offers locally produced sustainable products and services, and also with the capability of conducting off line and in-person transactions using mobile phones.  Some of the features of LocalMart are as follows: 
    1. Members only site with simple application process
    2. Sustainability criteria for products and services offered
    3. Uses a social networking platform (like Facebook, MySpace) to personalize and facilitate member communication and build a sense of community
    4. No sign up fees
    5. No transaction fees for purchases - does not use credit or debit cards or PayPal for purchase transactions.  Members who are providers and whose revenues balance purchases, can transact business indefinitely without transaction fees.  
    6. Uses its own MartDollar currency, convertible back into dollars (enabling the elimination of transaction fees).
    7. Encourages members to be providers of sustainable goods and services and not just consumers.  (Even seemingly insignificant products or services which members can provide with a part time commitment all contribute toward our goals and help to "close the loop".)
    8. Assists members in identifying or developing a product or service to provide.
    9. Operates and supports Better World Workshop (www.betterworldworkshop.org) - an incubator with the mission of conceiving of, developing and disseminating ideas for sustainable products and services that can be produced on a local level with the objective of furthering local sustainability and self sufficiency.   
    10. Operates LocalMart e-commerce store for online transactions, giving Member/Providers a web presence for their products and services with easy set-up process, and assistance, and with no need for credit/debit card merchant accounts.
    11. Capability of in-person purchases, or MartDollar transfers, payments, loans or advances using mobile phones.

It is the need to provide the benefits described in features #7 and #8 that brought about the creation of Better World Workshop. 

Business Ideas
BWW has compiled a listing of ideas for sustainable local commerce.  These are designed so that even the busiest people with full time jobs, and/or their children, relatives or friends, can produce and offer these sustainable products or services on a local level through LocalMart.  See
Business Ideas

If You Want to Help
Better World Workshop is a not for profit organization that is seeking ideas for sustainable products and services, as well as volunteers and contributions that can help it to carry out its mission. 

Contact: info@betterworldworkshop.org


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